All of my work in the liminal, my own spiritual practice, every educational offering I create, and every tarot session I offer is deeply rooted in the following values:

  1. Reciprocal Thriving – Animism, balanced connection, solidarity and right relationship
    As humans, we are not separate from earth, from nature, and from all the other-than-human spirits that inhabit this world. This work is put forward in the spirit of connection – coming together to make more connections and build strong reciprocal relationships with all the entities we are connected with that feed our mutual thriving + healing – for us, for our communities, for our ecosystems.
  2. Ethical Empowerment & Radical Liberation
    I’m here to help you realize your dreams and to do that without giving me your power. The systems of this world have convinced us to cede much of our personal power. I’m here to help you reconnect to that power, to take it back into your hands, and to use it to create a better world and life for you and your community. I am committed to inclusivity and accessibility in all my teachings and offerings. I also commit at least 2% of my monthly business revenue to reparation to Black & Indigenous communities, mutual aid, or social & environmental causes.
  3. Pleasure & Joy
    Make it fun Let it be joyful. Let it be pleasurable. That doesn’t mean that the work isn’t hard or challenging. Rather, I want to challenge the notion that work, learning, growth, and change must be arduous, laborious, exhausting, and unpleasant. These things are vital to living and that which is vital to living ought to be rooted in pleasure, joy, and desire.
  4. Liminality, Magic, and the Unconventional – Going Beyond
    Here we go beyond. We’re going off the beaten path to welcome the liminal, the complex & nuanced, the rebellious, the curious, the magical, the enchanting into our lives and practices. If it feels impossible or ridiculous or magical or wishful it is worth exploring. As Ursula K. Le Guin observed, “The direction of escape is toward freedom. So what is ‘escapism’ an accusation of?”