Queer Magic for Sacred Sacrilege

Spiritual sovereignty & healing heresies for queers witches, mystical revolutionaries and whimsical weirdos! Explore the beyond & connect to the magical tools of love & liberation!

Go beyond the conventional, learn to trust your own intuition, and make your own path through the magical realm.

Love Letters From Sacred The Beyond

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“Lex didn’t give me THE ANSWER but instead gave me a series of questions to help me make up my own mind. It gave me agency and helped me realize what truly aligned with me.“

– Emily

Lex’s Story

Hey, there! I’m Lex (they/them)! I’m a heretical heirophant, queer witch, & facilitator of liminal experiences.

I offer tarot, spiritwork & magical education for mystical rebels, queer witches, former rule-followers and whimsical weirdos – folks who like going beyond the conventional and making their own way, folks with big visions full of love for the world.

I help heretics, outsiders, and rebels seduced by the beauty & possibility of the realms beyond the mainstream re-connect to their power and magic that is all around you! I am here to connect you to the tools, knowledge, and insight you need to fall in love with all of existence in service of liberation!

This is queer magic for sacred sacrilege – for taking your power back into your own hands for your own sacred soul purposes! Empowering you to trust your own intuition and follow your path through radical approaches to the spiritual is what I do.

Breaking “the rules”, forging my own path through the liminal, falling into deep + intertwined + reciprocal love with all the magic of the universe – and teaching you to do the same! – is what I am here to do.

“This reading brought a sense of ease and stability into my creative process. Now I’m feeling much more confident and clear. I felt very comfortable as a non-binary person, and like I didn’t need to take time explaining my identity to be treated with respect.”

– Liz

Break the rules.

Trust yourself.

Forge your own path.

Fall in love with the magic of the universe.

Make your magic!

Make Your Magic

Interested in learning more about folk magic, claiming your power, reconnecting to an enchanted world & and making your authentic magic?

Finding Your Folk Magic is a workbook and starting point for your own journey into the magical beyond so that you can craft healing, change, and connection – for yourself and for the collective!

Explore the liminal, connect with the beyond, and claim your magic!

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