Ancestor Work

Connect to your roots and find deep healing that supports your growth.

Where are you at in your underworld journey?

Connect To Your Roots

Ancestor veneration practices are found the world over. Literally the world over. If you have human ancestors you have a lineage of ancestor veneration. Your ancestors are a vital connection to the work of building a better world, a more magical world. They remember how to be in sacred interwoven relationship with the world. Your ancestors are keepers of ancient wisdom and gifts.

Your ancestors are the roots of the tree that is you. They draw nourishment up from the depths. They keep you grounded and hold you when the winds threaten to knock you down.

But what happens if those roots are damage and struggling? What happens if you are disconnected from your roots?

Ancestor work is the practice of intentionally connecting to your roots, creating relationship with your ancestors, and addressing sources of hurt and harm within your roots to create ancestral healing that ripples throughout your life, lineage, and world.

Where are you at in your underworld journey?

Heal your roots…

Find your thriving.

Weaving Ancestral Connection Sessions

Weaving Ancestral Connection session is a tarot reading designed to get you started, get unstuck, or make plans for a new stage in your ancestor work practice. This session gives you a road map for building an ancestor work practice so you build a thriving, mutually beneficial relationship with your dead!

In a Weaving Ancestral Connection session we’ll explore your current relationship to your ancestors, the gifts both you and your ancestors bring to this work, and explore pathways to nurturing a practice of ancestral connection. You’ll leave your session equipped with the insight and practices you need to create a thriving and supportive ancestral connection.

Get the insight you need to weave ancestral connection!

“I have been struggling with this aspect of my practice, and you touched on all of the things I needed. This reading gave me a lot to think about. Now I have a place to start and ideas for building my ancestor work practice.”

– Lauren Clift, she/her

Ancestral Healing Retreats

Ancestral Healing Retreats are a custom one-day virtual retreat for deeply connecting with each line of your ancestral lineage. This offer blends tarot, ritual practice, energetics, and trance work into a custom ceremony for healing your ancestors!

Coming soon! Get on the waitlist to be notified when I open my books for these retreats!

Get on the waitlist and get support for your ancestral healing!

Tending Radical Roots

Tending Radical Roots is a four-week experience of seeking and healing your roots. In an educational community, you’ll explore themes of magic, life, living, dying, and what it means to be human on this earth. You’ll connect to your ancestors and discover how tending to your dead in service of life can heal wounds of disconnection and disempowerment. Tending Radical Roots goes beyond looking and honoring to the past – in this class you will learn to engage with your dead in service of creating healing, new possibilities, and a better world.

Tending Radical Roots is offered once per year. If you want to be notified when registration opens you can get on the waitlist here!

If you want to learn how to connect to your ancestors now, check out the on-demand workshop Honoring Our Queer Ancestors!

Honoring Our Queer Ancestors

Honoring Our Queer Ancestors is an exploration and reverencing of lineages of queer magic, healing, liberation, and celebration. In this downloadable workshop, you’ll learn how to do radical ancestor work to connect with your queer ancestors so that you can access to a reservoir of queer joy, hope, strength, and magic that will help you carry forward the banner of collective liberation. The workshop covers the what, why and how of radical queer ancestor work and you’ll leave the workshop prepared to connect with, celebrate, and honor your queer ancestors.

Learn to connect with and honor your queer ancestors!

“Before my session I felt confused, overwhelmed, blocked, resistant. Your reading provided me with so much more than I anticipated. It feel as though you’ve opened up several avenues for me to explore now.
This reading gave me a map to start me off on my journey, and the tools that I know will be invaluable along the way. I just love your style of reading, and how radical and anticapitalist it is. Your passion and dedication really comes through, but your readings also always feel so unhurried and considerate, which not only allows me to slow my own pace down for a spell, but also makes me feel deeply valued and honoured.
I wasn’t sure that the booking form was the right place for my ridiculously complex family background, but it didn’t matter at all – although you didn’t have the specifics, everything you talked about in my reading was just spot on, and you absolutely described the energy of my ancestry without having that information from me.”

– Sas Featherstone, she/her