Rewilding Without Gender – A Trans Perspective on The Flowering Wand

This post is a review of the book *The Flowering Wand* by Sophie Strand, which explores divine masculinities and critiques popular masculine archetypes. While the book’s poetic language is inspiring, it lacks an intellectual framework to ground its analysis of gender. The author also makes missteps of bio-essentialism and transphobia, which undermines the book’s message of liberation. This review ultimately questions the usefulness of gender as a spiritual metaphor and suggests moving beyond divine gender altogether.

Magic for Visibility – Letting Myself Be Seen in Leo Season

If you already read my post from the other day you already know: all my life I’ve been hiding. Maybe it’s a 12th house sun thing. Maybe it’s an ancestral thing. Maybe it’s a growing up queer and neurodivergent in a small town in the early 2000s. But whatever the reason, it’s time to stop … Read more

Leo Season Lessons from Hidden Ancestors

The sun is in Leo, where it shines the brightest. And it’s time for me to take a cue from the sun, show up, shine out and be visible because… I’ve been hiding. I don’t let others folks see the real me. Not just y’all here in internet land, but also in my personal life. … Read more

What’s gender got to do with magic?

Raise your hand if you’ve heard something like this: The moon is femme; The Empress is the Divine Feminine embodied; The Sun is an archetype of the Divine Masculine. Maybe you’ve even said something similar yourself. Well, consider this your invitation to question why exactly you do that and maybe cut that shit out. Masculine … Read more