Ancestor Work Will Heal The World

Why do ancestor work? What do you get out of it anyways? I mean, sure ancestor work seems cool, but if it doesn’t have any beneficial effect in your life, it’s not gonna be easy to stick to a practice.

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So, what happens when you commit to an ancestor work practice?

Here are just some of the ways ancestor work has impacted my clients:

  • “I am feeling much more supported and connected to my ancestors. This made possible so much self-forgiveness and collective comfort for my generational lines and I have been able to cultivate love and affirmation to the person I am ready to step into becoming.” – Giulia
  • Before this, ancestor work was something I was thinking a lot about, but hadn’t really engage with yet. I discovered that my ancestors are right there waiting to surround and support! It was so cool to have “conversations” with them. Just knowing that this is available to me opens so much possibility in my heart.” – Nan
  • This drastically expanded my consciousness of all the things that had already been possible! I began this feeling very self-conscious and carried worry that I would inadvertently do something to upset my ancestors. This course not only put my heart at ease, it also allowed me to work through these worries (which, turns out, was connected to ancestral trauma). Lex did a fantastic job holding space and supporting us while we encountered wounds — and helped us identify whether or not we were ready to undertake that particular journey at the time. This was such a wonderful experience and really helped me trust myself and my ancestors.” – Emily Corturillo

My clients have found healing and possibility in their ancestor work. It has given them the courage to say yes to growth, to heal ancestral trauma, to develop trust in themselves and their magic.

From my own personal experience with ancestor work, I think the most amazing thing about ancestor work is the way it ripples out from you. The work you do to honor your ancestors and to help them heal ripples out from you into your whole family.

Before I started my ancestor work practice, my family had deep assimilation trauma – everyone just was trying to fit in, to not rock the boat, and to hide any trace of our ancestor who would’ve been viewed as less than acceptable to the according to the white supremacist standards of society. Speaking of our forebears at all was frowned upon and done only in hushed tones. But as I did this work, slowly my family began to share more stories: my grandmother told me how she once put the eye on one of the nuns who taught her in school. My dad began to share more about the shameful ancestors he was discouraged from talking about that he was now trying to track down through genealogical research. The child of my grandmother’s long-lost aunt contacted the family – she’d runaway from home when she discovered she was pregnant and now this scion of the family was reconnecting.

Ancestor work heals you. It heals your ancestors. And that healing ripples out from there – into your family and into your community.

Ancestor work is heart healing and expansive. Ancestor work connects us to a birthright of magic and connection that our world has kept from us. Ancestor work means that the burdens of your family, your family trauma, is not fixed in the past, indelible, unfixable. You are not broken. Your family is not broken. You have the agency and the power to heal.

The possibilities that opens up are massive. We live in a world of trauma that has been enacted on all of us, on all of our families, in different ways, for hundreds and hundreds of years. That is not permanent. Things have not always been this way and they need not always be this way.

You can change. Your ancestors can change. And that can change the world. That’s the promise and possibility you say yes to when you start an ancestor work practice.

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