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Tarot is a divination tool. It’s a deck of cards whose symbolism invites us to step into a realm beyond the day-to-day and the status quo, into a realm of possibility and magic. Tarot is a tool for uncovering your dreams, finding your power, stepping into your sovereignty and uncovering the radical magic that you’re here to embody!

Tarot is a tool that helps you connect to your intuition so that you can unearth the hidden knowledge you need to navigate your life and spiritual explorations!

Whether you are looking for…

Tarot readings rooted in a radical, queer, and inclusive worldview that connect you to your magic, sovereignty, and power


You want to embrace your intuition and learn to read tarot your way

You’ve come to the right place!

“Coming into the reading, I was hoping to get assurance for my intuition. The reading resonated with everything I am going through at the moment and reminded me that I can find the answers inside me. Lex showed me that I need to take it one step at a time and my intuition is here helping me. This reading helped me remember to listen to myself, my abilities and trust that the answers will come.”

– Otti, they/he

Step into the temple of queer magic & sacred rebellion...

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1:1 Tarot Services

Get personalized oracular insight from the Outsider Oracle

If you’ve come seeking a guide to shine a light into the darkness, to help you find the treasures of insight hiding in your life, waiting to be noticed, then you’ve come to the right place. I am your guide to the queer wisdom that is waiting for you in the hidden realms. I am here to connect you your own intuition, your own knowledge, your own power, your own magic.

During a tarot session, we’ll consult and collaborate with the tarot deck to get to the root of your situation so you can move forward with clarity, empowered in your own ability to navigate the area related to your question.

Together with the tarot, we’ll work to map out the lay-of-the-land and the journey you have ahead of you. You’ll leave your session with clarity on the path ahead, where you’re going, and how you can get there.

Get queer insight and connect to your magic!

Spiritual Support For Your Journey

Custom tarot & magical insight for your modern right of passage

Are you making moves, making changes, growing, evolving and finding that it’s shaking up everything in your life? Is your heart yearning to make a big change, but you’re not sure how you could possibly make it happen? Do you find yourself in the middle of a huge shift, but seem to have lost your way and don’t know where to go now?

Tarot for Transition is an intuitive support package that combines tarot, ritual, and magic to help you find the courage, conviction, and clarity you need to navigate your moment of change and transition, so you can make your dreams a reality, and live the life you’re desiring! Whether the moment of transition you find yourself in is a gender tradition, a career change, a coming of age, a relationship commitment, Tarot for Transition is here to help you navigate your transition with your heart as the compass so that you can make your heart’s desire your reality.

Learn more and get support for your journey of change and transition!

Learn To Read Tarot!

Learn how to connect with your inner wisdom!

Tarot is a tool for connecting to, relating with, and gaining insight from the hidden, unseen, magical realms.

If you want to…

  • explore the the mystery and magic that lies beyond the conventional…
  • embrace your OWN intuition & magic…
  • learn to connect with your intuition…
  • learn a radical & inclusive framework for reading tarot YOUR way…

Learn tarot!

“Before our session I was overwhelmed. Afterwards I was able to really challenge limiting beliefs and open to possibilities in exciting ways that are still unfolding. Lex helped resource me for strengthening my relationship with myself. This helped me weather all the wild and wonderful and devastating storms of this year.“

– Penelope, she/her