Weaving Ancestral Connection

A tarot reading for ancestral connection, healing your roots, and finding thriving

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Is This You?

Are you…

  • intrigued by ancestral connection, but unsure of how to get started?
  • feeling unsure about ancestral connection because of your ancestor’s relationship to systems of harm and oppression?
  • desiring ancestral connection but skeptical of conservative bullshit like genealogy, purity, bloodlines, and obey-your-elders nonsense?
  • seeking healing of the ancestral traumas you’ve inherited?
  • looking to confront ancestral legacies and finding healing?
  • hoping to reclaim lost ancestral traditions and gifts?
  • wanting to explore connection with ancestors who remember a time before capitalism, colonialism, patriarchy, white supremacy, who remember what it is to be in right relationship with the earth?

Weaving Ancestral Connection tarot readings are here to connect you to your ancestors – without the harmful conservative and limiting bullshit of documented “blood” lineage, purity, obedience & respect, or the idea that you can’t critique your ancestors.

This reading is here to empower you to connect to your ancestors on your own terms so that you can access your ancestral and personal magic, and weave it together into a practice that honors with your dead so that you can find the healing, empowerment, and magic you’re seeking.


Sliding scale payment option available for BIPOC individuals. More info here!

Ancestral Connection Is…

  • the knowing that you are meant to be here, exactly as you are, and in this authentic embodiment you are loved and that you have wisdom and magic to share.
  • the practice of honoring those who in some way contributed to your thriving and who’ve passed from this life.
  • an ancient practice found throughout the worlds, in many different expressions, across many different cultures.
  • a deeply human practice that anyone can access.
  • a method for healing the roots of the wounds of capitalism, colonialism, patriarchy, and other structures of oppression in order to make a better world possible.

Your Ancestors Are…

  • Your “blood” lineage…
  • Your chosen family…
  • The Sun, the Moon, the Stars…
  • The Earth, the Trees, and the Flowers…
  • Your relations who were hidden and forgotten from history…
  • Ancestor of the path – radical collective ancestors whose vision holds us all. Think Marsha P. Johnson, Emma Goldman, Lucy Parsons…
  • Ancestor of affinity – queer and neurodivergent ancestors, ancestors who paved the way in your field, and more!
  • Anyone or anything whose care nurtured you!


Sliding scale payment option available for BIPOC individuals. More info here!

“Before the reading, I felt completely lost on how to connect with my ancestors. I wanted a connection badly, but I felt like I was fumbling around in the dark hoping to find a door that maybe wasn’t even there. I loved the thoroughness of the reading. I loved feeling truly seen as a person and the way the reading helped me reframe some of the hardest parts of my life in a way that feels purposeful. I know I’m on the right track now and that helps me keep pushing forward.
I especially appreciate that this reading offer concrete steps to begin working with them and that it offered insights into the gifts I have for this work.
I feel so inspired and connected to my ancestors after this reading. They aren’t just a blank faceless void anymore. They’re people who understand me and support me, and I feel empowered to not only support them back but support myself, too. That’s so much more than I even hoped for. I feel completely empowered to work with my ancestors now.”

– Angela, they/she

You deserve a connection to your ancestors that honors your lived experience and that supports your thriving.

Ancestral connection that heals the world is a human need.

Ancestral connection that heals and empowers you is your birthright.

About The Session

These tarot readings are here to help you get started, get unstuck, or make plan for a new stage in your ancestor work practice.

A Weaving Ancestral Connection reading explores your current relationship to your ancestors, the gifts both you and your ancestors bring to this work, and explores pathways to nurturing a practice of ancestral connection. Your reading ends with a discussion of the pathways you can take to cultivate this relationship with your ancestors and allies to help you in the process of weaving this magical connection.

  • 11-15 card tarot recorded reading
  • Recording will be emailed to you on the day scheduled for the reading
  • $135


Sliding scale payment option available for BIPOC individuals. More info here!

 “Before this reading, I was interested in starting an ancestor practice, but didn’t know where to start. I really appreciated the thoughtful layout of the reading and the way it broke down and addressed the different aspects and possible methods of working with my ancestors. I have been struggling with this aspect of my practice, and this reading touched on all of the things I needed. I have a lot to think about and ideas for how to begin building an ancestor work practice. After this reading, I am ready to get started with the process of cultivating a relationship with my ancestors.”

– Lauren Clift, she/her

This Session Isn’t For You If…

  • You’re not ready to take responsibility for your actions, your life, and your magic.
  • You don’t want to access your own truth, intuition and knowing.
  • You’re seeking answers about a legal, health, or financial question.
  • You want to be TOLD your future, rather than empowered to make your future.
  • You’re not interested in a radical framework for ancestor work that acknowledges the harms of systems of oppression and seeks to heal those harms and to right wrongs
  • You’ve had a loved one die in the last year and you’re still deep in your grief process or you’re hoping to use this reading to contact that one person specifically.

This Session Is For You If…

  • You’re ready to center your own truth, intuition and knowing, at least for the duration of this session!
  • You don’t want to be told what to do, you’d rather be informed and empowered to craft your own unique, intuitive, fulfilling, aligned practice.
  • The idea of a radical framework for ancestor work that acknowledges the harms of systems of oppression and seeks to heal those harms and to right wrongs sounds FUCKING RAD!


Sliding scale payment option available for BIPOC individuals. More info here!

Ancestral magic is your birthright.

Ancestor veneration practices are found the world over. Literally the world over. If you have human ancestors you have a lineage of ancestor veneration. Our ancestors are a vital connection to the work of building a better world, a more magical world. Some of our ancestors remember a time before capitalism. Some of them knew other systems of organization. Some of them remember magic and spells that have been forgotten. They remember how to be in sacred interwoven relationship with the world. Our ancestors are keepers of ancient wisdom and gifts.

But what if your recent ancestors were harmful? What if your ancestors come from different cultural lineages? What if you were adopted? What if you are estranged from your family? What if you feel called to work with your ancestors, but don’t want to work with your blood ancestors?

Birthrights can be complicated. And that is certainly true of the birthright of ancestral connection. On the journey into ancestral connection, healing and magic, it can be hard to know where to start; it can be hard to know how to continue once you’ve begun.

That’s what a Weaving Ancestral Connection tarot reading is for: to make navigating the winding path of ancestral connection that you’re called on that much easier to navigate. This reading gives answers to the most pressing ancestor work questions and helps you chart a path to crafting your own authentic and fulfilling practice.


Sliding scale payment option available for BIPOC individuals. More info here!

“Before my session I felt confused, overwhelmed, blocked, resistant. Lex’s reading provided me with so much more than I anticipated. The reading opened up several avenues for me to explore, gave me a map to start me off on my journey, and tools that I know will be invaluable along the way.
I love Lex’s style of reading, and how radical and anticapitalist it is. Their passion and dedication really comes through, and also always feel so unhurried and considerate. This allows me to slow my own pace down for a spell, but also makes me feel deeply valued and honoured.
I wasn’t sure that the booking form was the right place for my ridiculously complex family background, but it didn’t matter at all – although Lex didn’t have the specifics, everything they talked about in my reading was spot on, and they absolutely described the energy of my ancestry without having that information from me.”

– Sas Featherstone, she/her

Frequently Asked Questions

  • My ancestors were oppressors, but I still feel called to work with them?
    Ancestor work is about honoring anyone you desire to honor who has contributed to who you are today. This includes your lineage ancestors, sure, your parents, and grandparents and so on. But it also includes those you’ve learned from, those who inspire you, those who inform your worldview and your values, those whose words and wisdom guide your actions. It is prayers to your well ancestors and prayers for your unwell ancestors. If you don’t want to work with “unwell” or harmful ancestors.
    But our ancestors are not always the same people they were in life. You may find that they are excited to help you work to right the wrong they committed in life.
    Further more, ancestor work can be healing solidarity work. Whether your ancestors survived by acts of community support, care, and organizing or whether your ancestors actively undermined those networks, actions of magical care and healing can be found. For example, acting in solidarity with those who are fighting oppression honors the legacy of the ancestors who survived by solidarity. But, it also contributes to the healing and amelioration of the legacy of those ancestors who undermined solidarity in.
    More over, you almost certainly have ancestors who worked to created a better world. Consider this quote from Peter Kropotkin: “…our ancestors worked from the earliest times to develop institutions that allowed them to fight against the establishment of such an authority. Their tribes, their clans, later the village commune and the guilds of the Middle Ages…and finally the free city of the twelfth to the sixteenth century are institutions that spring up from the people – not the leaders – for resistance against the authority the saw being acquired either by foreign conquerors or by individuals within the clan, tribe, or city”
  • Is this reading just for getting in touch with blood lineage ancestors?
    There are many kinds of ancestors: blood lineage ancestors known to you, ancestors of your blood lineages whose stories have been lost, ancestors of affinity (be that affinity disability, queerness, neurodivergence, political beleifs, spiritual tradition, or a thought or profession ancestor), ancestors of place, even plant and mineral ancestors. I am happy to connect you to any of these ancestors. If you would like to connect to a specific type of ancestor, or even a specific individual ancestor, let me know in your intake form!
  • Why is this reading recorded?
    These readings often move beyond the interpretation of tarot cards and into the realm of channeling. When working with ancestors, I find that many of these spirits can be quiet or garbled. Many ancestors are particularly annoyed to be spoken to in English. Recording these readings allows me to free up my attention to focus more on what is coming through in the cards and in the energy!
  • I don’t get along with my family.
    Ancestor work does not require you to be on good terms with your living relations or your dead relations. Radical ancestor work is not about veneration, passive honoring, or heaping praises on your problematic ancestors. This work is about finding embodied connection to the world and what it means to be human in it. Ancestors work practices are found the world over, and many of them focus on healing the dead, not honoring them. If you’re not ready to start healing your ancestors-by-blood, that’s totally cool! You can start with plant ancestors, a particular ancestor you did like, your distant ancestors, your queer ancestors. Wherever you feel called to start, this session can support you in creating a meaningful practice!
  • I don’t know where my family is from.
    That’s totally cool! Our modern ideas of our ancestors and where they were from (especially for US folks) if often warped by imperialism and not all that helpful. You do not need to know the nation-state or even the region your ancestors were from when it is approached in this way. The knowledge you need is in your bones – not on some census or immigration document! Your ancestors are ready to help you connect to that knowledge!
    And this session is here to help you connect to that inner wisdom so you can hear those ancestors who are ready to help!
  • I’m adopted.
    Adoption is a complicated issue that comes with many tender feelings and trauma. Ancestor work can be a way of access a feeling of connection and healing. I am not a therapist and I am not equipped to handle the many genuine traumas that can come from adoption. However, I have helped adopted folks connect with their ancestors and I can confidently say that adoption does not preclude you from connecting to your ancestors. Your ancestors are within you ready to help you find the connection and healing you might be seeking.
  • Who are ancestors? What is ancestor work? Why do Ancestor work? What does it have to do with creating a better world?
    Imagine yourself as a tree. You’re all the parts above the ground, but the roots? Those are your ancestors. The ancestors support, ground, and hold you . They are the roots of the tree of you life. Your ancestors are those deceased folks you have relationship with. This, of course, includes blood relations. But, isn’t really about BLOOD – it’s about the lineage, the connection. Who are you connected to? Queer ancestors, radical ancestors, plant ancestors. Any or all of these ancestors can help us achieve the goal of ancestor work: grounding, connecting, tending to the to the root so we can grow better futures.

Ready to begin your journey of ancestral connection?

If you’re ready to find the answers to these questions:

  • Who among your ancestors, expansively understood, is ready to connect with you?
  • What gifts do they offer?
  • What gifts do you bring?
  • How can you begin to cultivate this connection?
  • What are the pathways you can take to creating this connection?
  • What allies are ready to help you?
  • How can all this help you heal yourself, your ancestors, and the earth?

Weaving Ancestral Connection tarot sessions are here to help you find out!


Sliding scale payment option available for BIPOC individuals. More info here!

“I am feeling much more supported and connected to my ancestors. This reading helped me find so much self-forgiveness and collective comfort for my generational lines. It allowed me to give love and affirmation to the person I am ready to step into becoming.”

– Giulia, she/her

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